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Best Dressed or A Mess?

Rating Grammy Outfits

The Grammys were on February 4, 2024, at 8:00pm EST. The award show was full of talented and wonderful artists. Their talents weren’t the only things to attract attention. I’m going to rate these celebs’ outfits from 10, being the best to 0, a absolute mess.

1. Lana Del Rey: 7/10

-I honestly love the vintage attire she was going for. I think it fits her very well but I’m not in favor of the style of her dress, I feel like

the shoulder pads definitely throw off the dress. But other than that, her hair and makeup were done very well, and she looks beautiful.

2. Taylor Swift: 5/10

-I’m not in favor of her dress at all, it sort of looks like she’s wearing a tablecloth with gloves, I feel like she could’ve worn a simpler dress because I think that sort of dress style would fit her better. Other than that, her hair and makeup was done nicely.

3. Ice Spice: 8/10

-I absolutely love the y2k look she was going for with the baby phat outfit. I also love ho

w the dark blue jean material and brown fur go so well together and the outfit fits her style very well, I love how she was able to pull it off. The only thing I don’t really like about the skirt is how long it is, if the skirt could’ve been way shorter, I feel like it would’ve been better.


4. Summer Walker: 7/10

-Although this outfit is very different, I honestly love how well she pulled off this outfit. I think she did an outfit like this justice, considering how “different” the style of the dress is. The only thing I don’t like is the material. It kind of resembles a living room rug. The type of material that could’ve gone with the style of her dress definitely would’ve been velvet material. But otherwise, she looks beautiful.


5. Tyla: 9/10

-I love the fairy look she was going for, especially with her dress. The green tone of the dress goes with her skin tone so well. I also love the glitter fishnet she has on her dress; I feel like it brings the style of the dress all together. I also love the style of her heels; it really just completes the outfit, and she looks very beautiful.


6. Doja Cat: 4/10

-I feel like her dress is a beautiful color but the style for it really doesn’t do her justice and it’s simply too revealing. I also feel like the glasses and red lipstick do not go well with her dress at all. If she wore something like a black dress to go with her alternative look, she would’ve looked good.

7. Olivia Rodrigo: 8/10

-I absolutely love the vintage look of her dress, especially with the rhinestones on the dress, it just makes it look more appealing. I also feel like her hair and makeup really bring her entire look together and it looks very good.

8. Caroline Polachek: 9.5/10

-Her dress is absolutely stunning; I love the leg slit and the material her dress is. I also love the thunder strike look on her dress, it really adds more to the dress. I love how she didn’t wear too much makeup to throw off her look as well. I love the train of the dress as well; it goes with the style of the dress so well.

9. Ed Sheeran: 3/10


-I feel like he didn’t even try at all with his outfit, just wore something too basic and not really a “grammy award show” type outfit. I do like the style of the camo of his jacket, and I love how it’s a dark green type of camo as well.

10. Miley Cryus: 4.5/10

-One thing I do love is her hair, I love how it gives something from the 70’s era, but her dress is very unappealing, I feel like it doesn’t fit with her at all. I also don’t like her shoes, they really don’t go with the dress, it feels like she just picked out something random out from her closet and put it on for the award show.


11. Coco Jones: 9.5/10

-I love the color of her dress so much, I think it goes with her skin tone so well. I also love how the dress has a glitter effect to it and the dress isn’t too revealing even though it’s see-through, but this dress goes with her so well.

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