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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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NFL Draft Highlights

The NFL Draft is a spectacle that Millions of NFL fans watch, trying to see what players will help the team that they love so dearly. The 2024 NFL draft had some big-name players who either had a amazing college career becoming the first member of their family drafted in the NFL, or they are a son of former NFL a player. 32 teams picked in the draft. Which of these teams won and lost?

The first team up on the winning list is the Chargers who made some picks people might have been a little confused about until you look into the coaching staff. With their first round pick they took Joe Alt, son of ex NFL player John Alt. After the Chargers released their 2 starting Wideouts, everyone assumed they would take Malik Nabers with their pick. After Joe Alts name was called, it was met with some questions. Then in the later rounds, the Wide Receiver problem was answered with them drafting Ladd McConkey and Brenden Rice. Brenden Rice is the son of Hall of famer Jerry Rice, widely considered the greatest Wide Receiver of all time.  

Now for a loser, we have the Las Vegas Raiders, who have some Quarterback questions but were not able to fix those problems taking Tight End Brock Bowers with the number 13th pick. Most people were confused with this pick after the Raiders took Michel Mayer last year, who had a solid season. While he was not the best Tight End, he was a productive Tight End who has a bright future ahead of him. So, selecting a Tight End was a very confusing pick to most NFL fans. They did select some defensive players that seem solid while also selecting an offensive guard out of Oregon. Not a great draft class, certainly not good enough to elevate this team to a contender.  

“Kansas City wins the Super Bowl”, not the first time we’ve heard that. But the Super Bowl is not the only thing they have won this year, also winning the draft taking the fastest Wide Receiver in the NFL, running a 4.20 second 40-yard dash in Xavier Worthy. They also got a possible replacement for Travis Kelce, getting Jared Wiley in the 4th round. He is a 6-foot 6 player who has good speed for his height and can also bully defenders off the line, making him a tough player to line up against. Being a similar build to Travis, Jared could really fit into a scheme that heavily favors tight ends.

The NFL draft is known to be a gamble, even if a player looks to be a future hall of famer, that player could be a huge failure, It is hardly a set deal getting a great player in the draft. It is so hard to find a truly talented player, even those who get paid millions to find those great prospects hardly do it often. The NFL has such a gap of talent between college and professional that even if a player was amazing in college he could be an average NFL starter. The NFL draft is a very interesting piece of media, making it able to watch as a player who could either save your favorite team from constant failure, or be a gigantic mistake, setting your team back years and years. 

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