Preparing Paris

Preparing Paris

Getting the City Ready for the Summer Olympics

On July 26th, 2024, the Summer Olympics kick off in Paris, France. The summer Olympics are some of the most interesting games, with new events being added to the list of classics. The Olympics attract millions of people, spectators, and athletes, but how will Paris be able to accommodate all of the people that will be flooding their city in order to watch and participate in the games? 

One goal that Paris has set for themselves is to be the “greenest” event ever and to try to be one of the most sustainable Olympics. “However, with 800 Olympic sporting events,15,000 athletes, 45,000 volunteers and 13 million meals, organizers understand the massive scale of their sustainability ambitions.”- World Economic Forum. In fact, they describe these ambitions as humanity’s “greatest challenge”. In the effort to make these Olympics one of the “greenest” events ever, they are hoping to cut down their carbon emission by half, to help protect the Earth’s atmosphere. The Olympics is this giant event that by nature is bound to produce a lot of air pollution. By making an effort to cut down half of the carbon footprint they will emit, the committee can make changes in how the games are run.  

  How will this affect the athletes? What will or will not change for them? The “Athletes Village,” which is where the competitors live, will be powered by solar and geothermal energy. All meals served to the athletes will be plant-based, and recycling will be enforced on the grounds.  The mattresses that the athletes sleep on will be made from recycled fishing nets to recycle materials and keep them out of the ocean.  

The city will be using 95% of existing buildings, with only one new sports venue, the “Aquatics Centre in Saint-Denis” that will hold all the water events.  

Almost 9,000 trees will be planted, in hopes of attracting new species to Paris, which will help the ecosystem.  

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris is sure to be one of the most exciting Olympics, with new and improved changes! The new events, the way that Paris is holding themselves to a higher standard to protect the Earth, and most importantly, the excitement of watching the athletes compete will all make the spectacle something viewers will anticipate watching.

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