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Battle of the Banned Books

Book Banning in Harford County

Reading is something introduced to everyone at an early age. Our parents start by reading us bedtime stories, then we start to read books with them, until finally we can read on our own.  There are so many different books to read, all with so many different themes. Some books you feel like you can relate to, and some you can’t, but they spark your interest. Books give young people awareness, comfort and new ideas.  

Five books have been brought to the attention of the HCPS school board, with the proposal to have them removed from school libraries. Three of those books, you can find on the shelves of our own library. The following books are the ones being debated before the school board, followed by the reason that parents and citizens would like them banned.  


Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe is being banned for its sexually explicit nature, and explicit illustrations.  


Flamer by Mike Curato is being banned for LGBTQIA+ content and its sexually explicit content, with mentions and illustrations of self-harm.  

Lawn Boy by Johnatan Evison is being banned for expressing LGBTQ content and sexual language. 

All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson is being banned for profanity, sexually explicit content, and LGBTQIA+ content. 


A is For Activist by Innosanto Nagara is being banned for talking about sexual identity, ideological activist behavior, and sexuality.

Books open students’ minds up to many different new ideas. Some parents want their children to be exposed to different ideas, so they are able to have a better understanding of life and may begin to develop some compassion. Some parents believe that these books need to be removed from the shelves, because they do not want their children exposed to this content.  Who gets to dictate what stays on CMW’s library shelves?  



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