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Spring Fashion

Toss Out the Old Season and Bring Spring Into Your Style!

Now that winter is finally getting out of our way and spring is rolling in, I’m sure you have last season’s stuff still hanging around in your closet, or even worse, clothes you haven’t thrown away from middle school. Even though everyone has their own unique style, some of the styles should be considered illegal to be honest. You might be asking, what styles should be considered illegal?


First up are the people that wear “highlighter” clothing. I would understand if you liked your clothing to be bright and colorful but sometimes it’s a bit too much. Wearing traffic cone orange shorts with a neon green shirt can be hurtful to the eyes of many. Not to mention, those colors really don’t go together well. People that wear “highlighter” clothes have to snap into reality and realize that elementary and middle school are over and it’s time to drop the construction worker-colored outfits. Now that you’re in high school and it’s time for you to mature your style, here’s what you can wear. You can still your bright colored clothes without making it painful for other eyes. You can wear toned down colors such as tangelo; a much-toned down orange, classic green, summer song; a subtle grey-blue color, and sunny blue. You can wear these colors with solid colors such as black, white, and grey or whatever solid colors you choose that would look good with other colors.


Second are sweatpants on teachers. Teachers, I understand that it’s the middle of the school year and you get tired of trying your hardest to dress up for your job but are sweatpants the best you can do? I understand that sweatpants and be comfortable and all, but spring is approaching and it’s time to put away the sweatpants! Here’s what you can wear this spring instead of throwing on some sweatpants every day.

Women: Women teachers can wear beautiful light-colored spring dresses that aren’t too dressy but aren’t too casual either. They can wear dresses like a sleeveless floral mermaid dress with a sweater that’s just right to go with the dress. If you’re not too keen about wearing a sleeveless dress, then you can wear a floral puff sleeve dress with whatever sweater you choose to wear with it. Both of these dresses have the perfect and appropriate length that you can wear to your job, and they have the perfect floral patterns to compliment you this spring without the floral patterns being too much or giving too little. If you don’t like the idea of floral patterns, you can always wear other patterns such as stripes. Dresses such as Marseille Mood Pink or Green striped linen midi dress from lulus will go perfectly with the new spring season makeover. You don’t only have to wear dresses this spring, you can always wear some nice pants with a shirt too! The shirts you can wear are a ruched raglan sleeve peplum blouse, floral print belted blouse, and many other spring attire shirts! The pants don’t really matter, as long as they aren’t something silly like a clown costume.


Men: Men teachers can basically stick to solid colors and even wear some light spring colors such as light cyan, pastel pink, and pastel blue. Or they can even stick to their dark solid colors. Since men’s fashion isn’t too hard to pick out, they can wear very simplistic things like dress pants with a dress shirt, something that isn’t too dressy, or even something that is casual but still has a professional look.


Next up is mismatched patterns. Honestly, there should be no reason why you’re wearing plaid with a bright yellow sunflower shirt, polka dots with stripes, or anything else that’s not appealing to the eye. If you’re going to wear patterns whether it’s pants, shirt, or even shoes, you should wear a solid color to go with it. For example, if you’re wearing red and black plaid pants, your best option to wear them is a black shirt. If you’re wearing polka dot pants that are black and white, your best option to wear with them is a black shirt or white shirt. The moral of all of this is, if you’re going to wear patterns, where something solid that will go with it well and save you from shame later in your life.


Last but not least is the oversized uggs slippers. I understand that the fashion scene is mostly about going “oversized” with your things whether it’s pants, a sweatshirt, etc. but wearing oversized shoes is a bit over the top, isn’t it? If you wear size 7 uggs, there should be no reason why you have size 10 uggs that you can barely walk with. So, to save yourself the trouble from trying to fit into the “oversized” shoes fashion scene, try wearing slippers that have an oversized look to them such as big fluffy slippers, fuzzy boots, or whatever slippers that you prefer that would at least fit your feet.

So, after this, consider cleaning out your closet of anything old that doesn’t fit, or is just simply out of style. But don’t repeat the cycle of wearing old season’s clothes, do yourself a favor and throw out the old shoes, the outfits from middle school, and the jackets that can barely fit you anymore, and get into the new with your new clothes this spring.

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