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Good Times & Long Lines

A Review of the Music Programs Universal Studios Orlando Trip

Good times and long lines; two of the most common things found on the C. Milton Wright music program’s trip to Universal Studios at the beginning of April. For the first time ever, the Band, Orchestra, and Choir students traveled together for a fun four-day trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  

Comparative to the previous school year’s two-day trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virgina, Universal had a much bigger park, many more activities, and a longer stay for the CMW students, faculty, and chaperones. The students were given two full days in the park, one day filled with performances and park time, and a final day used to ensure their arrival back home safely.  

“My favorite ride was the ‘VelociCoaster’,” said Regan Hankins, a junior and Choir member. “That is a definite!”  

The VelociCoaster is located in the Jurassic World portion of the park, which alongside its rides, is filled with many games and food stands to keep visitors happy and energized throughout the park.  

“My favorite part of the park was the Islands of Adventure,” said junior Alex Curry, a bassist in the Orchestra. Islands of Adventure is another park that is a part of Universal Studios Orlando, and a quick walk across City Walk will take you right to its fun attractions. 

Other favorite rides of the CMW students included “The Incredible Hulk Coaster”, “Revenge of the Mummy”, and the recent addition, “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure”.  

Added to the park in 2019, the ride has brought many visitors from near and far to enjoy its high-speed magical expedition full of surprising twists and turns at every possible chance. The line for this ride, according to the Universal app, was never listed as below 1.5 hours, even when delayed.  

Although the park was mainly every student’s favorite part of the trip, there were other perks as well. The students were allowed complete freedom to pick their roommates and who to hang out with at the park. 

“My favorite part was definitely my roommates,” recalled Layla Biggs, a senior and avid C. Miltones a cappella member. “We did a lot of laughing and all got along super well.” 

“Being with friends in an environment that’s not completely academic,” said senior Josh Lefter, a trombone player in the CMW Marching Band. “We had a lot more freedom.” 

While in the park, on Friday morning, the students even had a chance to perform their music for some of the visitors in the park. The Choir and Orchestra performed on a stage while the band marched in a parade around Universal Studios.  

“My favorite part of performing was definitely being able to see the entire park while also being able to do one of my favorite things,” said Rylee Marcum, a freshman flute player in the CMW Marching Band.  

“I loved it,” said Lefter, “it was great to be my last time ever marching, so it was a great way to end my marching band experience in high school.” 

This trip was a delight to students and staff alike, but it begs the question: where to next? 

“I’d love to go to New York,” replied Hankins, an avid Broadway fan herself. 

“I would like to go to Six Flags in Georgia,” said Curry, obviously as someone who enjoys rollercoasters. 

“I would probably want to go to Disney World,” said Marcum. “They have better food and it’s something I know everyone would be able to enjoy.” 

Previous trips, prior to Covid-19, included locations like Disney World and Universal Studios, so anything is possible with enough effort and fundraising. As much fun as this trip was, it would not be possible without the help of chaperones and staff like Dr. Frisch, Mr. Karolenko, and Mr. Weyand, or without the help of the Music Parent Organizations leader, Ms. Kim Ghaner.  

“Our chaperone was awesome,” Biggs said. “Thanks Mr. Shane!” 

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