Alan Chan & Katie Milton
Now that senior year is almost coming to a close for seniors at C Milton Wright, seniors shouldhave a time to reflect on their 4 very eventful years at C Milton Wright and reminisce good, bad,fun, and eventful memories. I asked two senior students that attend C Milton Wright named AlanChan and Katherine Milton about their experiences and events that they enjoyed.
Katherine Milton:
-What was your experience at C Milton like?
I had a great experience at C. Milton, I truly could not ask for anything better. Eachyear I met new teachers and students that I got to develop closer relationships whatthat I carried into my next school year. I felt a community every year of high schoolbut in my senior year I felt a huge sense of community whenever being in the schoolenvironment.
-What were your favorite classes and teachers?
Junior year AP Psychology with Mr. Amaral, Sophomore year gym with Mrs. Miller,Sophomore year U.S History with Mrs. Andrews, Senior year AP ComparativeGovernment with Mr. Brogley. These classes were my favorite because of the samereason, my classmates and teachers. Each of these teachers made me feel socomfortable in their classroom environment. I shared many laughs with classmates inthese rooms and will never forget the dynamic felt in their classrooms.
-What was your favorite event that happened at C Milton?
It is impossible to choose one event that is my favorite from high school but one thatstands out to me is a dodgeball tournament hosted by project graduation mysophomore year at the Arena Club. So many teams were made, and it was so muchfun to dress up in team costumes and compete with the class of 2022 in a fun game.My team made it to the championship so that made the event even more fun, it was agreat and creative way to get students involved and original, different way of havingfun.
-If you were apart of any clubs, what was your favorite thing about them?
I was a part of a few clubs in my time at C. Milton. I loved them because I got to meetand spend time with different people outside of my normal friends that shared similar

interests with me. Joining clubs gave me many opportunities to attend and do fun
things I would not otherwise get the chance to do.
-What classes did you wish you had?
I wish that we had a world religion or philosophy class that we could take to explorenew cultures, traditions and histories.
-What events did you wish happened at C Milton?
Junior prom, more recognition of sports in the school, ice baths for athletes.
-What did you wish to experience at C Milton?
I wish that seniors were not able to do half days because although I love enjoying theextra time to complete schoolwork, hangout with friends and pick up extra shifts. Ithink that senior year is meant to be spent in school and filled with fun classes that arenot as stressful as previous years of school. But when given the option for manyseniors will choose to leave school early leaving no students in your class left thesecond part of the day.
-What did you not get to do at C Milton that you regret?
Something I regret not doing is recording more of my school days and times andevents in high school, just getting to capture all these memories and fun times to lookback on.
Alan Chan:
– What was your experience at C Milton Like?
I had an amazing experience at C. Milton, where over the past 4 years, I have bee nable to develop meaningful connections with not just my classmates, but also my teachers. I have found that the great staff has provided a safe and acceptable environment for students to learn, have fun, and reach their full potential. I had a great time when it came to varsity sports and clubs, where I have not only learned a lot from the leadership of others but have also been able to leave an everlasting impact on theprogram as well.
– What were your favorite classes and teachers?

My favorite classes that I took at C. Milton were AP Calculus AB and BC with Mrs.
Younts, AP Chemistry with Mrs. Cox, AP Physics with Mr. Rex, AP ComputerScience A with Mrs. Thompson, AP Comparative Government with Mr. Brogley, andAP Microeconomics with Mr. Teter. I loved these classes not just because I wasinterested in these subjects, but also because these were teachers who werephenomenal at their job, where they not only taught their classes extremely well, butthey made an effort to develop a personal connection with you and cared about yourwellbeing.
– What was your favorite event that happened at C Milton?
My favorite event that happened at C. Milton was the Academic Team Teachers vs.Students assembly that we had in the auditorium in front of honors and AP students.This is because as a vital member of the team, I was not only able to spread myinterests to other people who may also be interested, but it was also a lot of fun for theaudience to witness the competitiveness that the members of the team all had,especially when competing with our own teachers, where it took years for us toaccumulate all of the knowledge that we know today to be able to compete at such ahigh level.
– If you were a part of any clubs, what was your favorite thing about them?
My favorite part of the clubs at C. Milton was the interconnectedness that all themembers had with each other, where we were like a family in and out of school. Withthe great leadership of great teachers, mentors, and captains, everyone was not onlyable to learn a lot from each other, but we also had a lot of fun doing what we loved todo. It was clear that even though we have a lot of students with a multitude of interestsin such a large school, all you need is one interest to find a group of people to connectwith that you love to spend time with.
– What classes did you wish you had?
Though this may be surprising, I actually took all of the classes at C. Milton that Iwanted to take, so there are not any more classes that I wish I had taken. As someonewho has taken 17 AP classes and as many honors/advanced level courses as possible,I have been able to experience what different subjects have to offer at a high level,where it has also been able to gauge my interest in what I possibly want to do in thefuture. It also showed me the various teaching styles that teachers have, and I havebeen able to learn the teaching style that is best for me and the qualities of a greatteacher.

– What events did you wish happened at C Milton?
I wish there was a sporting event at C. Milton where there were only teachers playingin a basketball, football, baseball, or any sporting game, where all of the proceedsfrom the tickets, concessions, and the event could all be donated to a local charity. Ifeel like this would be a great opportunity for students to connect with the teachers,bringing a lot of attraction and fun to the school while also benefitting ourcommunity.
– What did you wish to experience at C Milton?
I wish I got to experience the Powderpuff football games at C. Milton, where the girlsplayed football and the boys were cheerleading. This is because it would be extremelyfun to see individuals who rarely get to show off their skills have the chance to do so.Even though the boys and girls may have unconventional roles during this game, itwould create an inclusive community in our school to show that everyone is capableof doing what they set their mind to.
– What did you not get to do at C Milton that you regret?
I regret not attending more of the sporting events at C. Milton. This is because I wasso busy when it came to extracurriculars, clubs, sports, and academics, that I did nottake the time to support my school’s sports teams. This would have also been a greatopportunity to spend more time with my friends, meet new people, and furtherconnect with our community to create a more positive and inclusive environment foreveryone.
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