Working 9 to 5

An Interview with Addison Marino-Barry On Her Upcoming Role.
Working 9 to 5

This year’s exciting and powerful Stage Wright musical performance is going to be 9 To 5 The Musical. 


Based upon the movie of the same name, 9 To 5 The Musical is a show about three women in their workplace who finally get fed up with their sexist boss, Mr. Hart, and coworkers and decide to stand up for themselves, even if their methods are not the most typical. After having a wild night of hallucinogenic fun and imaginary scenarios, the women can’t remember if they truly harmed their boss or if it was only in their wildest dreams.  

They then go on a wild goose chase to find their boss and make sure he’s not dying and then they kidnap him because he threatens to go to the police. They tie him up in his house and plot to expose him to his boss. Will they succeed in this plot? Or will they only get themselves in more trouble? 

Although the musical is quite controversial due to the sexual themes and toxic masculinity, lead actress Addison Marino-Barry, playing Doralee, says that she is practically unbothered.  

A lot of people would be uncomfortable with some of these subjects, lines, and songs but the director should know their students well enough to make a decision on whether this is a good show for them or not,” showing that the whole cast is mature enough to be trusted with this work.  

When asked if she is excited for this show to be her senior show, her final bow at CMW, Addison responded, “I’m not upset that this is my senior show because it’s a cute show and I have a good role.” 

The controversial portion of the show comes from the boss at the company, Hart, and his actions towards the women, like Addison’s character, Doralee, and her friends, Violet and Judy. 

“A lot of Hart’s stuff I think was a little overdone but I wouldn’t say I wish it wasn’t in the show,” said Addison, “It really makes his character unlikable and uncomfortable, which is what he’s supposed to be.” 

This musical can also be used as an educational piece, Addison shared, especially for women sexualized or put below men in the workplace by men like Hart. 

“It brings awareness to these kinds of people in real life because it happens all the time.” 

This show is going to be one to remember, one that will go down in Stage Wright history. Be sure to get your tickets now in order to see this piece of history being made. 

Being asked about her future, Addison says she plans on going to college for Music Education to become a band or choir director, a wonderful goal for a wonderful person. Although she will likely not be majoring in Theater, Addison still wishes to pursue her love of the dramatics through community theater and possibly even a minor in Theater. 


Important show info:  

Music/Lyrics- Dolly Parton 

Story- Particia Resnick 

Lead Cast/Crew: 

Doralee- Addison Marino Berry 

Violet- Paige Doherty 

Judy- Eliana DeVeo 

Hart- Sebastian Baur 

Directors- Ginnie Bullis 

Vocal Director- Mr. Karolenko 

Pit Director- Mr. Weyand 

Tech Director- Mrs. Mancinni 

Choreography- Becky Titelman 


Tickets Link: 

Show Dates: April 11-14 

April 11-13 Show Time: 7 pm 

April 14 Show Time (Matinee): 3 pm 

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