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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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Stanley Cup Craze

What is it with these cups?

Lately, Stanley cups have been a craze all over America and they are seen everywhere. They’re not only seen in other places but they’re also all over C. Milton Wright too. All different sizes and colors of these cups can be seen around the school. It is funny to think that a few months ago it was just Hydro Flasks and other cups that would keep your drink warm or cold and then suddenly, these huge colorful cups pop up all over the school. Every corner you turn in C. Milton Wright, there is a Stanley cup, it just seems like you can’t escape them, no matter if it’s school or the mall, or anywhere else. So why are these cups the rage suddenly? Is there a Stanley cup cult brewing within C. Milton Wright?

According to studies, these cups have taken over America because of the cup’s ability to keep your drink warm or cold for a long number of hours and not to mention that the cups come with nice colors that can go with anything, whether it’s your outfit, your personality, etc. If you don’t have a Stanley cup right now, would you take the chance to buy a huge, oversized cup with colors? Or would you still take your chances with a Hydro Flask or any other cup?

I interviewed a C. Milton Wright student named Kalliana Wandemberg about her Stanley cup and if the cup is worth getting.


Q: So, tell me about your Stanley cup.

A: Well, it keeps my drink cold, it has different colors, and it’s a strong cup, and it’s also easy to carry around.

Q: Before the Stanley cup craze, have you ever owned a Hydro Flask?

A: No, I haven’t, I used to have a Yeti cup, but it broke after a while.

Q: Did you decide to get a Stanley cup because they were popular?

A: No, I actually got the cup while it was popular, but I got it since my other cup broke.

Q: Oh, so would you rather recommend a Stanley cup since they’re stronger?

A: Yes, it also keeps your drink cold, and I hate cups that don’t keep your drink cold.

Q: That’s true, a cup that wouldn’t keep your drink cold isn’t really a good cup.

For those who want to find a good cup that would keep your drink hot or cold, strong, and has an assortment of colors, getting a Stanley cup would be your best choice. If you also want a cup that would be easy for you to carry around, a Stanley cup would be your best choice.

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