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Murder Returns to Bel Air

An evil account of a mother and her child

Evil crime has found its way back into Bel Air. After the murder of Rachel Morin back in August of 2023 on the Ma and Pa trail, another murder has been recorded in Bel Air. Is this something the public should be concerned about? 

Gloria Elena Hughes, a 37-year-old mother, was found at 5:25 AM early December 3rd on 404 N. Main Street carrying the limp body of her 3-year-old son Jason. He was in a horrific condition. Hughes is currently in the Harford County Detention Center. What happened before Hughes was discovered? 

On Friday December 1st, Hughes was in her home in Morgantown (WV) with her boyfriend. Hughes had barricaded herself, their son, and the man’s cellphone in a bedroom. He had no concern for the child’s safety but was in need of his cellphone for work. Hughes was not budging, and reportedly used furniture to block the door. The man asked to borrow his neighbor Keenan Clay’s cellphone to call 911. Police arrived on the scene for larceny, and informed the man he could press charges if he wished. Again, there was no worry about the child’s well-being.  

The next day, Saturday evening, Hughes and her son traveled to Maryland. Late Saturday night, a couple hours before the murder, Hughes and her son were both seen crying in their vehicle and were questioned by a civilian. Hughes just brushed off the encounter and quickly drove off. Later, around 12 am, records show that her son was treated at Upper Chesapeake hospital for ingesting boric acid. It is unknown how the acid was ingested. Only a couple hours after, the brutal beatings began. Hughes was caught on the business surveillance of self-storage in Bel Air early Sunday morning. The video depicted her repeatedly banging her son’s head on the asphalt, and then continuing to slam him into the ground. An off-duty officer found her roaming in the streets of Bel Air with the child’s lifeless body shortly after. The child was rushed to the hospital but was confirmed dead only 30 minutes later.   

When being interrogated, Hughes seemed to be highly dazed and confused. She was unable to tell the judge the day, or the reason she was there. It seemed as if she didn’t remember the killing of her son. The judge ordered a competency evaluation to try and understand Hughs 

better which will take place on December 18th. Competency evaluations are used to determine the offenders’ cognitive and psychological function and abilities. The goal is to figure out if their decision making, as well as understanding is impaired.  

This case undoubtedly raises concern in the citizens of Bel Air due to the closeness of the murder. The positive is that Hughe’s is currently being held without bail at the Harford County detention center and has been charged with first-degree murder. This case is different than Morin’s, as the preparator has been caught. The case of Rachel Morin remains unsolved till this day, and the murderer is still on the loose, but has likely moved on from Bel Air.

Despite the brutality of this murder, this is not a rogue serial killer the public has to be worried over. Hughes was a deranged mother, responsible for a disgusting murder. This case is one that is gruesome to hear about, but it’s necessary to report so justice can be served.  

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  • R

    Robert BohagerJan 4, 2024 at 8:31 am

    No journalistic honesty. Too many writers trying to make there mark by sensational title little content no research.

    • P

      Phoebe HennesseyJan 29, 2024 at 1:54 pm