What is Indoor Track?

What is Indoor Track?

Indoor track is a new sport being implemented into our CMW community. But there are a few questions milling around about it. What is it? What is the difference between this and normal track? And why would a student want to do indoor track?  

Indoor track is a 200-meter track (half the size of a normal track) that is inside of an arena, though the size of a track may vary between tracks. An outdoor track is a flat track. Whereas the indoor tracks has a slight incline and has smaller curves. 

 There are many reasons you should do indoor track. You, obviously, have all the normal reasons like staying in shape, having fun,  and winning. But there are other benefits to indoor track. Weather is not going to be an issue with indoor track. Meets and practices happen rain or shine. It also means you can practice regularly throughout the year, so that way when outdoor track comes around, you are in better shape than most people doing track. It also helps that you may see some of your other track competitors. You can study the people you will run against in the spring. Indoor tracks are tougher to race on with the smaller curves and more inclines, but that makes you better as a racer. Indoor track is a great way to get yourself ready for the outdoor track season, while also having a lot of fun. 

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