How do I keep busy?

Last winter season Harford County was left disappointed, receiving only a few inches of snow, not enough to even have off school. The disappointment circled back to the reoccurring idea of, “well maybe next year.” The last heavy snowfall we have seen in Harford County was the blizzard in 2016. This year, the outlook is looking snowier. Meteorologists predict a big winter this year. 

El Niño is a natural ocean and weather pattern in the tropical Pacific and is predicted to hit strongly this year. El Niño usually brings cooler and wetter weather to the South and drier and warmer weather to the North. Looking at other El Niño winters in the past, the average amount of snowfall is predicted to be higher, possibly reaching 30 inches. In addition, NBC predicts 30-40 inches in Bel Air. With the high levels of snow predicted this season, what are some activities to keep busy? 



Maryland offers just one four season ski resort experience named Wisp Resort. Tucked away in the mountains of Western Maryland, it offers 172 acres of ski terrain for the Snowsport lovers, as well as other recreational activities for those who aren’t as enthusiastic.


A simple sweet treat made with only evaporated milk, sugar, vanilla, and fresh snow. Mix 1 can of evaporated milk, 1 cup granulated sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla together. Put 8-10 cups of snow in a bowl, and pour the milk mixture over top and stir to make some yummy ice cream. 


Making a new playlist is always exciting, especially if you’re cozied up next to a fire and cuddled in a blanket. What’s better to keep your spirits alive in the dead of winter months than music? 


Whip out all your warm layers, gloves, hats, and skates to take a trip to IceWorld. Offering public skating sessions, anyone is able to enjoy some winter fun. Don’t worry about being a beginner, they have glider bars to help out the rookies.    


Try this new fun and creative way to tie dye using the snow off the ground! First, gather your snow (make sure it’s fresh and clean!) Prep your cloth item by soaking it in a mixture of water and soda ash, read the dyes instructions for more info. Sruch up your cloth and tie with rubber bands if desired. PLACE YOUR CLOTH ON A RACK WITH A TRAY/BOWL UNDERNEATH TO CATCH THE SNOW. Cover your item fully in snow, and gently sprinkle the dye powder straight onto the snow. Add your colors, and wait for the snow to melt (8-24 hrs) 

Take advantage of the predicted snowy conditions this season as they don’t seem to come around too often! 

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