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Rebuilding CMW Girls Basketball
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The girls’ basketball team has welcomed two new faces to the program this year, Head Coach, Mary Buyse and Assistant Coach, Mary Larson. The team had a rocky season last year, and the coaches knew that they had to do something differently to make this season’s outcome a better one. To instill hard work and pride into the team this year, the coaches decided to award one player from varsity and junior varsity the honorary title of “Player of the Game.” As the new coaches are essentially “rebuilding” the program, a construction hat was chosen to symbolize the Player of the Game award. Each player will get a chance to be Player of the Game and leave their mark with a signature on the hat.  

Junior point guard and captain, Carley Jehnert, was chosen as the Player of the Game two times so far, following two stellar performances. Jehnert elaborates on what being Player of the Game means to her, and that it is more than just a reward. “It demonstrates the Mustang pride that our coach places such emphasis on,” said Jehnert, “it is not a specific statistic you have to get, it is just who has the most heart and energy for that game.” 

Junior, Aubrye Simms, also a two-time Player of the Game winner, sees the award as a beneficial element to the girls’ basketball program. “It brings us all together and creates a stronger sense of unity throughout the team,” said Simms, “it also interconnects the JV and Varsity teams and raises comradery.” 

The use of extrinsic rewards such as the Player of the Game award, can serve to fuel motivation in players. According to leadershipandsport.com, “Extrinsic motivation is ‘an incentive to do something that arises from factors outside the individual, such as rewards.” There are many criticisms surrounding extrinsic rewards, one being that they can cause an unhealthy focus on the rewards itself, instead of the process to get there. However, the coaches’ implementation of the “Player of the Game” serves as a fun tradition for the team, while also encouraging personal and team growth.  

Other teams at C. Milton have utilized this form of recognition to highlight a player from their performance in games or practices. This includes the boys’ lacrosse “Grit Award,” the girls’ lacrosse “Golden Stick,” and field hockey’s “Stampeder of the Game.” It is an easy and common way for coaches to generate motivation in their team and also can be a fun way for teammates to compete with one another. 

As the regular season comes to a close with four games remaining, being a tight-knit team heading into playoffs as a result of the Player of the Game reward will put this team above all others. 


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