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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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Bel Air’s Best: Crumble and Cozy Face Off In Chocolate Chip Challenge


I found myself in Bel Air, craving a delicious chocolate chip cookie. Naturally, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try both Crumble Cookies and Cozy Cookies. I stepped into Crumble Cookie first, ordering their milk chocolate chip cookie and savored every bite.  It was a delightful start to my cookie adventure. Next, I made my way to Cozy Cookies, I also ordered their milk chocolate chip cookie. The cookie had a slightly crisped edge, giving way to a soft and chewy centered that melted in my mouth. 


The difference was clear; Cozy Cookies delivered a cookie that was baked thoroughly, a stark contrast to my experiences with Crumble Cookies, where the cookies often felt underdone. My preference leans towards a cookie that’s fully cooked, offering that satisfying combination of a crispy edge and a soft center, and Cozy Cookies nailed it. 


Even my friend Kiera agreed. She mentioned that Crumble Cookies, while popular, tended to make her stomach hurt, an issue she never faced with Cozy Cookies. This only solidified my preference for the latter, as enjoying a treat shouldn’t come with discomfort.  


When it comes to pricing, both Cozy Cookies and Crumble Cookies sit in the same bracket, with a single cookie costing around $4 to $5. This makes the choice even easier, as I can get a better cookie for the same price. 


In conclusion, for someone like me who appreciates a cookie that’s cooked just right, Cozy Cookies is the clear choice. They’ve managed to blend the perfect bake with a cozy atmosphere, making every penny spent there worth it. While Crumble Cookies may cater to those who like their cookies on the softer, less cooked side, my taste buds—now belong to Cozy Cookies. 

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