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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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The student news site of C. Milton Wright High School

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Snow Days: Online or Nothing?

An Argument Against Asynchronous Snow Days

For years, we’ve enjoyed snow coming down in inches and causing schools to close. Once schools are closed, we have the freedom to do absolutely anything on the day off. Although some schools in different states think it’s best that the school day should continue but online. Should there be an online class for students during snow days or not?

Schools having snows days can be important for various reasons. For some students, school can be stressful and tiring. For others, they can have other things going on in life and school can be in the way of it. Students having snow days can be a way for some students to take a break and try to have a stress-free day and take the time to rehabilitate before going back to school. For others, they can finally do something they have been planning to do and get it done since school’s been cancelled. But can online get in the way of these?

The other side of this argument is that although we would enjoy our snow days, this would cause shorter summer days due to the amount of snow days that would have to be made up. All staff and students would rather have longer summer days than shorter summer days, so should there still be online classes or not?

I asked Mrs. Plaisted her opinion on snow days and if she would prefer them to having online school.

Q: How do you feel about snow days. Should there be online schools during snow days?

A: I love asynchronous snow days because I don’t mind working a little bit on a day. If I work a bit during an asynchronous day and that means that I’ll be able to have a longer summer, then yes, I prefer asynchronous snow days to have a longer summer.

Since school can be stressful and time consuming for many students, I think it’s best that schools shouldn’t have online during snow days. Schools should give students the time to take breaks and do other things in their life, whether it’s work, sleep, or catching up on schoolwork.


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