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14 Songs That Should Be on Your Playlist This Valentine’s Day

A playlist for those who loathe and those who love


Whether you’ll be making reservations at a restaurant or making an appointment with your therapist this Valentines Day, the one thing we can all agree upon is artists’ incredible accuracy when it comes to making music about one specific thing… love. From Sixpence None the Richer’s lighthearted ‘Kiss Me” to the angsty teen breakup songs of Olivia Rodrigo, we have all the songs to put you in the spirit of the season. 


#1 My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski 

The soul crushing sound of Mitski lyrics hitting your ear tends to leave her listeners in a surreal depression, but that has not been the case with one of her newest releases. The versatility of the “My Love Mine All Mine’s” devoted lyrics paired with its solemn melody has left its meaning up to the listener to decide. So, if you’re looking for the perfect song to post your partner to while also leaving those who will spend February 14th alone in tears, this is the song for you. 

#2 Lovers Rock by TV Girl 

The retro styles of TV Girl can make even the saddest of songs sound like you’ve been struck by cupid’s bow. “Lover’s Rock” being the most popular one of their songs has been widely appreciated on social media in recent years. The songs upbeat drums and ethereal violin make for a hopeful sounding track that sounds straight out of a rom-com montage.  

#3 Fade into You by Mazzy Star 

There is no question when it comes to the choke hold “Fade into You” has on society, with Mazzy Stars calming voice and the song’s lyrics about all consuming intimacy, you cannot deny this song as the love song. While the bands 1993 hit’s true meaning can be left up for interpretation, there is no limit to the content or sadness this song may leave you feeling. 

#4 love is embarrassing by Olivia Rodrigo 

20-year-old Olivia Rodrigo got her start in the music industry after releasing a record breaking single, “Driver’s License” in January of 2021. She has made a name for herself similar to Taylor Swift, with her targeted lyrics aiding girls going through messy breakups. “Love is embarrassing” is the 9th track on her sophomore album. It makes fun of dating culture and more specifically the demeaning acts of devotion we do in effects of our person of interest with lyrics like, “And I stayed in bed for, like, a week. When you said space was what you need, Waited by my phone like a goddamn fool”.  

#5 Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer 

A gleeful classic, that has been displayed in romance media for years in rom com “She’s All That” which helped the song gain the wide popularity it has today. The song lyrics express someone’s love to another person asking them for an embrace repeatedly while including enchanting settings of where the two should meet. “Kiss Me” has grown in fame via tiktok and is a must listen for those looking to enjoy feel good music this V-day. 

#6 Space Song by Beach House 

While Beach House tends to include vague lyrics in most of their music resulting in the impossibility of decoding songs like this, “Space Song” is for the undeniable hopeless romantic. The melody makes you feel a type of yearning that makes it impossible not to hear this song and immediately think of a certain someone. Whether they come to your mind endearingly or longingly, this song will channel every feeling of nostalgia you have ever experienced for them.  

#7 Pancakes for Dinner by Lizzie McAlpine 

For those who are stuck in a secret trance by a friend and unable to admit your true feelings, don’t feel too alone on that island, because Lizzie McAlpine seamlessly executed the feeling of a built-up desire and the fear behind it. She uses the lyric “I wanna eat pancakes for dinner” as a metaphor for admitting her love for a close friend. Listing off intimate activities done with those you really care about in order to express her intentions minus the extra risk of saying the famously feared three words… “I love you”. 

#8 Lover, You Should’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley 

The uniquely talented singer, Jeff Buckley, passed away in the spring of 1997, but not before releasing (what I consider to be) the greatest testament of love released to the public. After cheating on his (ex) girlfriend Buckley released the hit which express’s his desire to make amends for acting careless and impulsively. He explains his willingness to suffer in order to get a second chance “I’ll wait for you, and I’ll burn.” The chorus verifies his want for her to come over because he wholeheartedly believes “It’s not too late.” The immense raw emotion in this song may just tear you apart enough to break that no contact. 

#9 Margaret by Lana Del Rey (ft. The bleachers) 

Lana’s 9th studio album included a personal song she had written for her dear friend, American actress, Margaret Qualley. Qualley was recently married to singer songwriter Jack Antonoff, who is featured on his wife’s lyrical love letter. The song begins painting a picture of the night Jack first met her and displays the immediate connection we can sense with people, with the repetition of the lyric “when you know you know.”  

#10 To Love by Suki Waterhouse 

Singer Suki Waterhouse, who has announced her recent pregnancy with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, released single “To Love” in 2023. The dramatic song tells the story of her and her partner who have been fortunate enough to have found each other in this lifetime. The feeling of disbelief of a partner’s love may be common but unlike Ms. Waterhouse and Mr. Pattinson not all of us are lucky enough to have that feeling reciprocated. But for those who are this song should be an amazingly transcending listen. 

#11 I Bet You Think About Me by Taylor Swift (ft. Chris Stapleton) 

It wouldn’t be a day about love without Taylor Swift, unfortunately this is not her most romantic song. In the singer’s re-release of her album “Red” she included never heard songs that didn’t make the original release, one of those songs was “I Bet You Think About Me.” The almost petty and teasing tone in her voice accompanied by the deep country voice of Chris Stapleton makes for the perfect “f**k you” to your ex. The lyrics describe a relationship of an ungrateful ‘above all’ man who will “never be happy,” and a girl who only wanted to make him content with the life and love he had. Swift taunts herself with the lyric “I bet you think about me when you say, “omg she’s insane, she wrote a song about me,”” to continue the approach she took to execute this song in an immature childlike manner. 

#12 Glue Song by beabadoobee (ft. Clairo) 

With its release taking place on Valetine’s day of 2023, there is no better song that puts you in a wholesomely cheesy romantic mood like “Glue Song.” Bea was able to create a love song that even those going into February single can enjoy, with lyrics like “You’ve been hiding in plain sight then appeared, loving you once only feels wrong,” and “I always knew I’d find you to be here is worth the wait,” you cannot help but have a smile on your face when listening to the cheerful instrumental melody. So, if you’re looking for a song to make a loved one blush beabadoobee is the way to go. 

#13 Kill Bill by SZA 

Pop singer SZA chose to reference Uma Thurman’s famous thriller ‘Kill Bill’. SZA’s nod to the movie with lyrics about killing her ex make it hard to determine what direction she’s approaching with from the movie perspective. Lyrics like “I might kill my ex, not my best idea, his new girlfriends next” and “If I can’t have you no one will” allude to her taking the stance of the jealous ex-lover. The catchy melody of the popular song makes for the perfect chill listen for those who have just recently lost their Valentine. 

#14 Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac 

The Fleetwood Mac song, accompanied by the famous live performance of lead singer Stevie Nicks and lead guitarist Lindsay Buckingham who happen to be ex-lovers, is the perfect rageful listen for those who have been abruptly left by their partner after expressing the seriousness behind their commitment. Nicks repeats lyrics “Time cast a spell on you, but you won’t forget me” and “I know I could’ve loved you, but you would not let me,” in a way that makes for almost a bewitching chant at her former partner. The meaning behind the lyrics will tune in with those who still hold deep feelings for their ex that have not been acknowledged. 


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