Winter Sports Recap


Cameron Powers

Winter sports have been relatively successful this season. Some of the winter sports were negatively affected by Covid last year. For example, Crowds were limited and only 1 parent was allowed per player . This heavily affected the atmosphere for the players making it difficult to play in. This season full attendance was allowed at the games making it more enjoyable for the players and audience. 

Boys Basketball

The Boys team had a very successful season. They ended the season 18-2 after losing in first round of the playoffs to Aberdeen. Jordan ross currently leads the team in ppg with 15 and Larry Thompson leading with 4 assists. Dylan Sanders and Kyle Ashman were also two key factors to CMW’s success. 

Girls Basketball

Varsity Girls Basketball finished the season with a 4-15 record. Katie Rosko has been a standout for the team with the most ppg at 10. Last year’s team was solid with a record of 16-8, after losing their seniors last year the team’s success dropped. 


This team has been on the successful side with an outstanding performance in the state championship. There were five qualifiers which were Kane Bowers who placed 2nd, Joel Tuffs who placed 2nd, Brody Zumbano who placed 2nd, Devin Sweeney who placed 3rd, and Jaxon Simms who placed 4th. Most of the top wrestlers aren’t seniors so the future is bright for CMW wrestling. 

Indoor Track

The indoor track team had a successful with the top runner being Ashton Tolson who is a top ranked long distance runner in the state. Timi Kolawole is also a top ranked jumper on the team. 


The C. Milton Wright swimming team recently got 9th in MPSSAA 3A2A1A State Championship. They stand at 37th in the state with the top swimmers being Nicholas Musante, Alan Chan, and Ryan Pham. 

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