New Assistant Principal Interview: Mrs. Patricia Bales

New Assistant Principal Interview: Mrs. Patricia Bales

Kendall Goscinski

The 2022-2023 school year at C. Milton Wright High School has brought many new surprises to the school, but the most exciting may be the new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Patricia Bales.  

Slightly over two months ago, Bales began working at C. Milton Wright High School on Jan. 3, 2023, and has worked at three previous schools as a teacher. Although new to the Assistant Principal role, she is very excited to get to know her new students and staff members. 

“C. Milton is a great community, the students are great, and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know everybody,” Bales said when asked about her experience at C. Milton Wright High School. 

Bales came to C. Milton Wright after attending Catholic High in Baltimore and Towson University to major in music education. This was shortly followed by Notre Dame of Maryland to pursue a career in teaching and leadership in schools. She also attended Goucher to receive a certificate in “At Risk Youth”. Growing up in Overlea, right by Perry Hall, Bales has lived in and around the Bel Air community her whole life.  

In high school, Bales was a part of her school’s volleyball team and was in multiple theater productions. Within her school, she was in her choir and the National Honors Society. Outside of school, she also enjoyed playing basketball in local camps and clinics. Although she had many memories from high school, her favorite was the dance that the juniors and seniors had the day before Thanksgiving. 

“Juniors and seniors had a dance, it was on the Bay Lady boat, it was like a dinner dance,” Bales said. “We’d all be exhausted from being out late the night before, but that was super fun.” 

She also recalls camping with her family in their camper which she enjoyed very much growing up. 

“We did a lot of camping,” Bales said. “We had a camper that we kept at a campground an hour away, so it was easy to get away for the weekend.” 

Before working in the educational setting, Bales had many jobs including waitressing, working in retail, and working with kids at summer camps. But Bales has always known that her path in life would be to become an administrator. 

“My grandmother was a teacher, my mom was a teacher and then a guidance counselor, my grandfather was a teacher,” Bales said. “So I’ve always liked school a lot.” 

“I worked at two private schools, 14 and a half years at Bel Air Middle, and then now I’m here,” Bales said when asked what other schools she has previously worked at. 

“A couple of years into teaching, I had a principal say, ‘I think you’d be a really good leader’ so then I kind of started building my resume and started taking charge of some activities, clubs, and events.” 

Bales, while being the new Assistant Principal, has also found time to be deeply involved with the school and its events and culture. 

“It’s been great to go to some fun events, some sporting events, the Variety Show, and to get into some classrooms and see the awesome things that are going on here.” 

Within her brief time here, Bales has already found many things she loves about CMW and the people and clubs within it.  

“The Variety Show was super fun,” Bales said. “There are very talented people here.” 

Bales has also been able to partake in the “Voices of Equity” group at C. Milton Wright High School and is very excited to continue working with them and planning more events to share their club with others throughout the school. 

Although she believes that CMW students and staff are already on the path to success, Bales wishes to keep the future of C. Milton Wright High School a positive place for the students, staff, and the community. 

“I think maintaining a positive environment and an environment where everyone feels welcome and thrives and is successful is important,” Bales said when asked what her plans for the school would be. 

Bales also had some wonderful advice for her students and staff, for the community of C. Milton Wright High School. 

“Be kind, be strong, be you. Be kind to people, set goals for yourself, and be who you want to be.” 

Bales plans to work at CMW for as long as she is allowed to and cannot wait to see the school it becomes throughout her career.