Mission BBQ in Bel Air Review


Adrian Stancliff

In 2021, the town of Bel Air which has a lack of food options ended up getting a Mission Barbecue. The ever growing barbecue chain restaurant has many other locations all over Maryland. After success in the other locations, Tollgate Marketplace was next up. With this in mind, in a town with few food options I set out to give an honest and full review to see if it’s worth it to eat there.

Before diving in, I thought it would be a good look to take an inside look at the restaurant from an employee, Tyler King. I was lucky enough to have a few questions answered..

What’s the best thing about working at Mission BBQ?
“The staff around me. Every day I come in I see people that I enjoy being around and get to all around have a fun time and make some money.”

Can you describe the food process?
“All homemade, hand crafted, in house , every day.”

What food would you recommend to a first time customer?
“Pulled pork, homemade macaroni, or the fresh cut fries.”

Do you believe this is the best spot in bel air?
“100%. No other place around here provides such high quality food at a cheaper price point. Even the vibe inside is great”.

Are you hiring?
“Yes. We are pretty much always looking for new workers.”

For those of you looking for a job, especially during the summer here is the link….

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The Food
For my review I ordered the pulled pork sandwich topped off with some original Smoky Mountain sauce, as well as some signature macaroni and cheese. The first bite I took it was immediately clear the quality of the food. The meat was very good, and the sauce that I used brought it to the next level. But the real winner was the macaroni and cheese. I’m a big macaroni fan, so I really wanted to give this a try, and it certainty did not disappoint. The cheese is very good, and it really does seemed to be baked fresh, considering how hot it is.
The food is 9.5/10
The Price
Overall, my meal costed around 12 dollars. Which to me when I consider the ease of distance as well as the quality of food, that’s a big plus. Affordable, delicious, and close by.

The price is 9/10

The Restaurant

Overall, inside the restaurant is pretty nice. It fits the theme of the place more than anything. The décor inside as well as the seating arrangements and even the music played all seems to really coincide with their message. Simply put when you go to eat at Mission BBQ it feels like you’re actually eating there.

The restaurant is 9.5/10.

The Verdict
All in all, when you take the price, the location, the food, and the lack of options in the area around us Mission BBQ really seems like a top notch place if you like barbecue. For me I love barbecue so it was easy to make the verdict of giving the place a…..