Annie’s Playground Park & Trail


Riley Cushman

Annie’s Playground, one of the largest playgrounds in the country, is one of the many parks and trails that Harford County has to offer! The park is in Fallston, MD (864 Smith La. Fallston, MD 21047). From C. Milton Wright HS, the drive only takes 14 minutes! It includes a large playground, sports fields, a small ROTC course and a large 2-mile trail going through the forest behind the playground.

      The park was built in 2005, in memory of Annie Cumpston, a 6-year-old girl who was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The park also represents and supports many other children who died too soon due to accident or illness. There are multiple different places with memorials throughout the park with statues, plaques, etc. Right in front of the parking lot – near the bathrooms – there is a memorial plaque on a big rock which explain Annie’s story. The plaque describes Annie’s personality describing her as always caring “for others before herself” earning the nickname ‘Momma Annie.’

Directly behind the playground to the left – near the sports fields – there is a small garden surrounding a tree called “Mommy’s Garden,” which is dedicated to Ava Rose Lukaa, there is also a bench very close by in loving memory of Michael Napoli. Behind the playground to the right (a little bit into the trail) there is a small memorial garden with statues, connected to the trail. One of these statues is of a little boy playing soccer with a plaque from his mom and dad. These little memorials were my favorite part of the whole entire park as I got to see what these children’s lives were like, keeping their story alive.

Driving through the entrance, you’re greeted by a big green wood sign and a long-paved pathway through the forest of Edgeley Grove Park. Parking in the lot, you are welcomed with the huge playground right in front. My dad and I went over the weekend around 7 PM and it was not too busy! There were a handful of kids on the playground, and a decent amount of people on the trail. Only one of the sports fields was being used for a rec lacrosse game. So, the park wasn’t busy at all! The park was also very clean! Of course, there was a piece of trash here or there but overall, it was extremely clean! The playground was very well kept, and so was the trail. I never saw a piece of trash when my dad and I were walking on the trail.














The safety of the park and trail is very high! The playground is obviously bound to have some accident with little kids running around, but it is very safe with very high walls the higher up you go. The trail and other walkways were extremely easy to walk as well! The paths, which are paved, are very wide allowing you to pass others if you are running. The paths also have relatively no cracks and could easily be ridden by bikes.

My family and I plan on going back over the summer whether that be to walk or to ride bikes! I love this park as it has a wide variety of activities, is relatively close by, not too busy, is an easy and fun workout, and because it is extremely safe and clean! Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend if you are looking for a park or trail to visit!