Needed Changes to the Baseball Field

Lucas Frezza

Driving or walking by CMW baseball field you can just see how bad it really looks, Starting, with how we have no fence while every other field in the county have a build fence. We don’t even need a build one they can put up a movable one for when baseball isn’t in season, considering that the county uses the outfield for other activities.

Also, the dough outs, to be fair they aren’t the worst in the county considering Bel Air’s and North Harford aren’t closed in, ours are very small, have holes in the wood, the wood benches are splitting in half, and the plastic benches are breaking in half.

Next, there was extra turf from when Bel Air redid their turf, so we got some from them, now there is random, uneven patches of turf on the ground of the dough outs to try to make it nicer. Also, there isn’t any bat racks and during the game with everyone in the dough out there is not enough room for people to have their bags in with them, they must be behind the dough out.

Talking to the athletic director Mr. Mickey to see if he or the county has any plans to fix up the field or provide more to the sport, his response “With the lack of finance that the athletic department brings in, we have no plans to change any fields. “

If it were me making decisions with the limited budget, I would just add a fence and then if we have more then a limited budget then I would cut the fence in front of the dough outs to around the chest of the players to make it more comfortable to watch the games.