Senior Week

Senior Week

Tayler Quinn

Starting June 11th, 2022, C. Milton Wright seniors go away to Ocean City for senior week. Starting on June 11th to the 18th two days after graduation seniors go away.

Most students have already booked their rooms, houses, and areas they will be staying in. At this point it is quite late to find somewhere to stay. Most places are fully booked. The average room at a hotel for a week is roughly $1,200. It is recommended that room prices are distributed between a group of friends to make prices manageable.

Most people don’t know that Ocean City hosts Senior week events. Things to do during senior week consists of obviously lounging on the beach, strolling on the boardwalk, jet skiing, parasailing, or go to the water park. Or even attend H20, ocean city’s under 21 dance club.

A whole week at the beach with people you’ve been in school with for the last several years, you’ll need to prepare. Things to remember when packing:

  • Beach Chairs- yes it is a hassle to carry all the way to the beach, yet useful when you no longer want to sit in the sand.
  • Sand toys- Do you really think you are going to just sit and tan, all day, every day, for a whole week? No, you’re going to get bored.
  • Extra spending money- senior week is expensive, however, you’re going to want to shop on the board walk or get an ice cream on your way back home.
  • Lots of clothes- girls and guys hear me out. You packed enough clothes for the week, cute outfits, and 15 bathing suites for the week. But the weather changes, its raining and you only brought shorts and tank tops.
  • Food and drinks- you are going to want to go out and buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and the you realize you’re spending all of your money on food. Bring snacks and packs of drinks. Meal prep sandwiches for the beach so you’re saving your money.

I hope all of C. Milton Wright seniors are getting excited for all of the up coming events made for them.