Al Cesky Scholarship Winner


Libby Gross

The Al Cesky Scholarship is an award for senior student athletes who reflect the great life of Al Cesky.

Al Cesky was the first football coach at Bel Air High School. His coaching style is special because he is dedicated to helping his players on the court, in the classroom and in his life. His legacy is so special, that there is a scholarship commemorating all the great that he did for the county.

The way the scholarship works – around 25 students from each Harford County school are selected to submit an application for the scholarship. From there, a boy and a girl are chosen. If you are selected from your respective school, you earn a $2000 award.

Following that, the two selected from each school are all chosen between on another. Once again, a boy and a girl are selected, and they win the full scholarship award of $5000.

For C. Milton Wright, the two winners were Bridget Carven and Ian Doherty. If you see the, in the hallways, give them a big congratulations! Wish the, luck that they are able to win the full scholarship as well.

Congrats Ian and Bridget! We are proud to have you guys represent our school!