AP exams are right around the corner…are you ready?

AP exams are right around the corner...are you ready?

Veronica Ingold

Monday, May 2nd, 2022, Advanced Placement testing starts for high school students across the world. For C Milton Wright students, the testing place will most likely be in the gym or a different secure testing site. 

The majority of colleges take either a three or a four on AP tests. While these scores may seem hard to achieve, if you do get them all the work will be completely worth it. If the college you want to attend takes your score, then you won’t have to retake that class in college. For example, if you get a 4 on the AP English Lit exam then you won’t have to take English Lit in college.  

Many study resources can be found on YouTube from accounts such as “Crash Course” or “Heimler’s History.” Another great source is getting together with friends that are also taking the test and creating a study group.  

Students new to taking AP tests can expect to be in the testing environment for about 3 to 4 hours. If you happen to finish early you may not leave, everyone is dismissed at the same time. 

After the exams are over, AP classes are usually pretty mild. Many teachers assign low stake projects or throw on a movie to finish the year out.  

Good luck to all students taking AP exams this year! Below are the dates of some of the exams.  

May 2nd  

  • US Gov 
  • Chemistry 
  • Spanish  

May 3rd 

  • Environmental Science 
  • Psychology  

May 4th 

  • English Lit 
  • Comparative Gov 

May 5th 

  • Human Geography 
  • Statistics  

May 6th  

  • US History 
  • Microeconomics