C. Milton Wright 2022 Prom

C. Milton Wright 2022 Prom

Miranda Turner, C. Milton Wright 2022 Prom

Prom is a special night for the senior class. Everyone was questioning if there was going to be a prom because of COVID. But we got the go-ahead ahead to have a prom this year. The prom is on May 7th at Martin’s Valley mansion from 7 pm-11 pm. The theme of prom is feeling 22 by Taylor Swift. There will be a buffet with different meal choices, frozen drinks, and ice cream.  

Tickets will be on sale after spring break at Mrs. Sigwart’s homeroom before and after school. Tickets are 40 dollars for each person. Outside guests are allowed to attend prom if a member of the senior class brings them. The senior must fill out a guest form for the guest to be permitted to attend prom. Guest forms can be found outside of Mrs. Sostak and Mrs. Sigwart’s homeroom. No guest over 20 years old is allowed to attend. 

There is an after-prom party at the arena club from 12 am – to 3 am and there will be a bunch of games, a trampoline, food, and a bunch of raffles. The tickets for members of the senior class are 95 dollars some people already got their tickets with their senior package but if you didn’t it’s okay you can still buy them. For people that are bringing guests to the prom, the tickets for the guest are 40 dollars.  

If you are stressed about prom and if you have everything for prom. Here is a checklist for everything that you need for prom. Make sure you buy your tickets for yourself and a guest if you choose to bring one, get your dress/suit, and make any appointments that are needed in advance, so they are not all booked up. Lastly, have fun at prom with your friends. 

The prom is just around the corner less than a month away so make sure you have everything ready for the big night and have an amazing night with your classmates and friends and cherish every moment because you only get one prom.