How Students Feel About Half Days


Nicole Butterworth

About once a month, Harford County Public Schools dismisses three hours early for half days. This year, Superintendent Bulson proposed four additional days become half days which were approved by the school board. Even though the days are shorter, they are considered full days that don’t have to be made up. Half days give the teachers time for professional development and time to plan for their classes. In addition, they give the students extra time to spend the day as they wish. Senior Caitlin Goldberg and sophomore Isabella Scurti both use half days to go out with friends. Goldberg also uses the time to catch up on sleep.

Students still attend all their classes on half days, but the classes are shortened. Some students feel like they are productive even with the shortened classes. Scurti claims. “I feel more productive, I feel much more awake.” Goldberg added, “I do feel productive. I get to catch up on work so if I miss a day during the week, I can make up the work and not feel behind the next week.” Other students don’t feel as productive with the shorter classes. Senior Liam Van Syckle claims, “on half days I typically get little work, and do even less. Productivity is at a minimum.”

Students do believe that half days impact their mental health positively. Van Syckle says “mentally, they’re the best; a glimpse into the restful weekend ahead.” Goldberg adds, “I can choose what I want to do that day. If I feel overwhelmed, I can take time for self-care and relaxation. I can socialize which is a part of my life that has been lacking.” Scurti agreed with them saying, “it’s a nice breather. It’s more exciting and something to look forward to on Mondays of that week. The week tends fly by much faster.”

Overall, half days give students and teachers more time for themselves. Less work may be assigned, but it’s a good way to take time and relax.