Places you Should Visit this Spring


Savannah TerVeen

Spring is on the way! Now that the weather is beginning to warm up people are itching to get out of the house. Here are some locations in the area that are perfect if you are looking for something to do when the weather is nice. 

The Ma and Pa Heritage Trail is an excellent location for walking, jogging, or biking. The trail follows the path of the historic Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad and stretches for about 5 miles. This trail is great if you want to spend time in nature as you will pass through woods, streams, and more.  

Another terrific place to visit is the beautiful Liriodendron Mansion. The mansion was built in 1898 and home of Doctor Howard Atwood Kelly, a founder of John Hopkins Hospital. Visit on Wednesdays for free admission! The second floor of the house is an art gallery, and the icehouse has been converted to a Museum of Prehistoric Native Americans. This property also has access to the Ma and Pa Trail. 

Falling Branch Brewery is a fantastic place to visit when the weather is warm. Come for the delicious food trucks, live music, farm animals and more. This location is fun for all ages! Kids can play on the playground, go on hayrides, and explore.  

Lastly, I recommend stopping by in Havre De Grace. Walk along the Havre De Grace Promenade to spend some time by the water. Relax and enjoy the scenery! A great place to stop at is the Concord Point Lighthouse.