College Commits for Sports


Miranda Turner, College Commits for Sports  

College Commits for Sports  

Some athletes dream of playing sports in college. They work hard every single day by training and dedication to their sport. This certain athlete’s dream came true this year by committing to a college to play a sport. Let’s meet the athletes.  

Our first commit is Kate Walsh, and she has committed to York College to play lacrosse in the fall. Kate is majoring in business. Kate chose to attend York College because as soon as she got to the campus, she had a gut feeling that this school is the school for her. Also, the lacrosse team was very welcoming when she met the team, and the school is very close to home. 

Maddie Nimmo is our second commit, and she is committed to Lynchburg College to play basketball. Maddie is studying exercise philology and minoring in sports medicine. Maddie chose to continue her athletic and academic career at Lynchburg College because the school is a small school but not too small, making it feel like a high school.  Also, the basketball program is very competitive, which Maddie loves.   

These athletes have worked so hard to become college athletes and will continue to work hard to become the best they can be at the college that they are attending. They have worked so hard their entire lives for this moment, so they are going to make the most of this. We wish the best of luck to all the athletes playing a sport in college next year.