College Highlight – Messiah University


Libby Gross

Now is the time in our lives where we must start thinking about the future and college. Whether or not you want to go to college, it is always good to keep your options open. Today I am going to highlight one college in specific. This college is Messiah University.

Messiah University is a small Christian college in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The population of students is about 2,600 in undergraduate enrollment. Acceptance rate at Messiah is at a 79% while graduation rate is at an 80%. Messiah is a great school academically and athletically. If you are looking to play a sport in college, Messiah is one to keep an eye out for. Currently, Messiah women’s basketball is ranked number 1 in the MAC conference. Not to mention that their women’s volleyball team had a great season in the fall of 2021. Athletics are extra ordinary at Messiah because their team camaraderie and purpose for playing their sport is so special.

Currently enrolled students love attending Messiah University. Some of the reasons they love it is because:

  • It feels like “home”
  • Has a great community
  • Great academic program
  • Outstanding athletics
  • Professors with a greater purpose
  • Deepened faith
  • Scenic campus

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Messiah is a Christian school and because of that, people may think it is a turn off. However, going to a Christian school makes everything better. For example, you can surround yourselves with a great community of loving people whose main goals in life is to love God and to love people. As well with community, the professors you have are so much more than what you would think of as a typical college professor. The professors at Messiah University don’t look at you as just a number in a lecture hall. They truly want to get to know you and help you with your future. Academically and spiritually, they are always there for you and want the best for you.

In the fall of 2022, I will be attending Messiah University. I will be going to study in Human Development Family Sciences and will being playing volleyball while I am there. The factor that sold me most on the school was the tight nit community. Seeing everyone walk campus and say hi to everyone is something that really stood out to me. It was so special to me to see how much everyone loves each other and loves Jesus there, and I just knew that was the type of environment I not only wanted but needed for going to college.

Messiah University is in a great and safe area that makes everyone feel like home. I encourage you all to look into the school. This is a school that I feel could change your life forever. Going to Messiah University, you will be able to find people who truly care about you and who love you. The community there is like no other. Messiah University is a wonderful school.