Top Three Reasons To Tune into The Baltimore Orioles This Season


Adrian Stancliff

As Winter wraps up and Spring starts to approach that means America’s pastime, Baseball, will be back in less than two months. Despite the Baltimore Orioles being one of the worst teams in the league for the past couple seasons, there’s still some reasons to tune in this year. With that in mind the top five reasons why to watch the Orioles this year will be laid out.

1. Adley Rutschman (potentially) makes his MLB Debut.

One of the beauty’s of being awful is that your team gets a better draft pick. And due to the Orioles league worst season in 2018 they were gifted with the first overall pick, and with the pick the O’s selected Oregon catcher Adley Rutschman. He had prolific stats in his last college season, and also was rated collegiate baseballs best player for that season.

Now it is universally accepted that barring any setbacks, Rutschman will get called up the majors in 2022 and will also take the majority of games as the Orioles catcher. Rustchman is considered the O’s future and just to see the potential face of the franchise for the next decade in action for the first time is worthy of tuning in.

2. Taking Advantage of Cheap Tickets

Back in 2014 (the Orioles last real “great” season) the stadium was mostly sold out almost every night, and tickets on average were about 26 dollars each. Now in 2022 with prices rising on almost everything  you can catch a game for just 13 dollars, and not to mention all of the free ticket promos they throw out during the season. Despite the teams lack of success, Camden Yards is still one of if not the best stadium in all of baseball. The view, the experience, the concession stands, etc. is worth it, and when you can save money on it, makes it even more worthwhile.

3. There is Potential For The Orioles to Not Be Awful

Hear me out…. even if the Orioles have been hot garbage in recent memory, with prospects developing, small free agent acquisitions, and maybe a small trade or two, it’s a possibility that the Orioles maybe finish in third or fourth place which would be an improvement. I also don’t want to seem like a total homer, but it’s a very slim chance that the Orioles sneak in the Wild Card which would be amazing.


Regardless of how the Orioles turn out this year, they are still our team and will eventually get back to som level of success. The reasons listed above, and to just give support to the team is enough to at least tune in.

(This article is on the basis that the lockout ends and the MLB season occurs.)