2022 New Year’s Resolutions From Our Mustang Family


Senior, Veronica Ingold shares her new years resolution.

Tayler Quinn

Students at C. Milton Wright High school share their inspiriting new years resolutions as the new year begins.

Students were asked what their new years resolutions were and here’s what we got. This is what our seniors say.

Harita Patel says she would like to “try and get into better colleges and create higher expectations for herself looking forward”.

Veronica Ingold says she would like to “enjoy life before starting college”. Some are starting to feel like the days are counting down till the seniors leave for college.

Similar to Veronica, Alexander Hilber says he would like to “enjoy the little things more”.

Other students find more general and common new year’s resolutions.

Such as Cassie Thomas who says I want to be nicer to everyone including myself”. If you have not yet made a new years resolution, choose being kind.

Haley Moss says she would like to “exercise more and eat healthier”.

Jayda Patterson says she would like to “be more motivated and not procrastinate”.

Racheal Hartsough wants to be more open minded. And TJ Hickam wants to be more responsible.

The only junior to respond, Hudson Welsh wants to “spend more time with his family”. Such a heart warming goal.

When people make new years resolutions, they’re typically life style changes like some of the students above have mentioned. Most of the resolutions are generalized statements or goals. In fact, some don’t know how to properly set a long term year goal. They’re either very challenging or a short term goal that wont take a year. A study to was done in 2016 showed that about 41% of Americans that make new years resolutions, only 9% feel that they successfully achieved keeping their resolutions throughout the year.