Are no spectators at games a good or bad thing?

Miranda Turner, Are no spectators at games a good or bad thing?

On January 3rd there was an email sent out to all the parents and students of hcps that starting January 4th no more spectators are allowed at games due to the rise of the Covid cases in Harford County. Do athletes think this is a good thing or a bad thing? 

Some athletes might think the no spectator rule is a good thing because some parents like to yell at their kids to play better or tell them what to do and they get in their heads when they say stuff to them while they are playing. Also, the games are live streamed so anyone can watch the games even if they could not make it to the games if spectators were allowed.  

People are bummed that no spectators are allowed to come to games because some parents have seniors on a sport team and cannot watch them in person for their last season of their high school sport. Also, the gym gets incredibly quiet and so the energy in players starts to go down when there is no energy in the gym.  

Josh Adams is on the Men’s Varsity basketball team at C. Milton Wright High School, and he is so disappointed that for his first year of high school basketball this family and friends cannot come to support him. Josh says, “no spectators is a real bum, but it is what’s best for our safety, and I will not take having fans for granted next year.”  

Maddie Nimmo is on the Women’s Varsity basketball team at C. Milton Wright High School. Nimmo is a senior on the team, and she is devastated that her family and friends cannot be there to support her during her last season of high school basketball. Maddie also added that the energy in the gym goes down when no spectators are allowed.  

Starting February 1st every athlete gets 4 tickets to give to their family and friends to come watch them play. Sadly, the winter sports are coming to an end but, now sports teams can have senior nights for all the senior athletes.