Game Review: Throw Throw Burrito

Libby Gross

Right now, a big board game that everyone is talking about is “Throw Throw Burrito”. This game is a slightly more complicated version of the card game “spoons”; however it is more fun and a little more violent. This game is a fun game to play with friends, family, and anyone who is in for a good time. It is a perfect game to have on a game night. I myself have played this game before. Although it takes a few rounds to finally understand how to play, once you get it, the game is extremely fun and provides a lot of laughs.

The object of the game is:

  • To win two rounds by having the highest amount of points throughout the course of the rounds.

This game requires 2-6 players of ages and above.

The game rules in simplest form are:

  • You gather as many pairs of cards you have, and if you get a triple of brawl, war, and duel, you grab the burritos and do the respective actions for it.

This once again is an extremely fun game to play with friends, family and anyone who is in for a good time. I would recommend this game for anyone to play because it is something different from your typical board game.

I believe that throw throw burrito is one of the top games out right now.