Must-Watch Holiday Themed Television Episodes


Dominique Pecovic

The holiday season means many things to many people, including TV writers. The holidays can produce the best (or the worst) episodes a show has to offer. December coming around means finally being able to justify indulging in holiday episodes of your favorite shows. Without further ado, here are some of the most entertaining holiday episodes produced on television. 

New Girl- LAXmas: Leading up to Christmas (and Hanukkah), the gang prepares to go their separate ways. They travel to LAX together and the story follows them as they split up leading up to departure. With special guest star Billy Eichner, this episode is not only a top tier Christmas episode, but also one of the best of New Girl in general. 

The Office- Christmas Party (Season 2 episode 10): The Office relies on wacky characters to carry the show, and this episode is no different. The office has a Christmas party with a secret Santa and a spending limit. In true Michael Scott fashion, he breaks all the rules and the party suddenly turns chaotic. To make up for it, he breaks company rules to the party and the characters carry on in their quirky, eccentric ways. 

Friends- The One with the Routine (season 6 episode 10): This is episode of Friends is maybe one of the most memorable, and with good reason. The plot of Chandler, Rachel and Phoebe looking for Monica’s hidden gifts and Joey trying to make a move on his roommate Janine is easily overshadowed by Monica and Ross being extras in the taping of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. “The Routine” is so iconic that it really is what makes this episode worth while.  

Community- Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas (Season 2 episode 11): Community is truly unlike any other TV show on this list, and honestly unlike any other show ever. Community is genre bending, meta, and constantly making fun of traditional sitcom tropes. This episode is no exception. Abed wakes up in a stop-motion animation with the rest of the gang right along side him. The story follows the journey through Christmas themed “Planet Abed” and getting to the root of his stop-motion delusion.  

The O.C- The Best Christmukkah Ever (Season 1 episode 13): The Cohen house is of mixed religion, and Seth introduces the audience to his compensation for that. “Christmukkah,” or Christmas and Hanukkah, is Seth’s pride and joy and he is nothing short of elated to show his new brother Ryan all that he was missing. 

That 70s show- An Eric Foreman Christmas (Season 4 episode 12): A strength of That 70s Show is the sarcastic humor and chemistry of the cast, both of which shine through in this episode. Kitty volunteers Eric and his friends to direct the Church Christmas pageant, but they cannot agree on anything. As a result Eric gets kicked out of the director’s chair. Red, as usual, is annoyed at Bob for his over-enthusiastic Christmas spirit and a neighborly feud breaks out between the two.  

Gilmore Girls- Forgiveness and Stuff (Season 1 episode 10): Gilmore Girls is not a typical comedy, but relies on witty banter to carry the comedy. Sookie and Lorelai are working at The Independence Inn and planning a massive, 18th century-themed party for guests. When the guests are unable to make it, they fill the inn with townspeople. This episode is a feel-good, easy watch and will certainly put you in the holiday mood. 

Hannah Montana- It’s the End of Jake as We Know it (Season 4 episode 5): For a little nostalgia, the ultimate Hannah Montana plot twist episode is perfect. Oliver comes back from tour while Hannah is filming a holiday special, and he brings a secret with him. He has photo evidence of Jake, Miley’s boyfriend, cheating on her. It’s the perfect childhood throwback everybody wants over the holidays, and has stood the test of time for over a decade. 

Jessie/Austin & Ally- Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year Part 1 & 2 (Season 2 episode 6/7): Austin & Jessie & Ally is a crossover between Austin & Ally and Jessie. In part 1, Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez travel to New York for Austin to perform at Times Square, and Emma begs Jessie to take her. Reluctantly, she agrees and they go. In the spirit of a crossover, they meet, and the Rosses help fix the major problem that Austin runs into on New Years’ Eve. 

iCarly- iChristmas (Season 2 episode 6): This Christmas episode of iCarly pays homage to It’s a Wonderful Life, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  In usual Spencer fashion, he builds an unconventional Christmas tree that catches fire and all of the gifts Carly bought for other people went up in flames. Understandably, she’s angry and wishes that she had a normal brother. An angel appears to grant Carly her wish, but it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Glee- Previously Unaired Christmas (Season 5 episode 8): Glee is made to be a clever satire on high school choir kids. Its unhinged humor is why it has amassed a cult following. However, somewhere along the way Glee lost its footing. Previously Unaired Christmas maybe should have stayed that way. It is an absolute tragedy, and it makes sense why FOX did not let it run at first. It’s like a car accident that you can’t look away from. The New Directions put on a live nativity scene, while Rachel, Kurt and Santana work as Santa’s elves. That’s the generous summary, at least. It’s bad, but it is an absolute must-watch this holiday season.