All I want for Christmas is….


Miranda Turner, All I want for Christmas is....

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Everyone spends time with their families and exchanges gifts with each other. Every year everyone makes a wish list of what they want and puts the thing that they want the must at the top of the list. Some students from C. Milton Wright High School have their wish list made and they have some amazing things at the top of their list.  

Tyler King is a Junior at C. Milton Wright High School and at the top of his list are new car tires for his brand-new car that he bought all by himself. He also asked for a Bluetooth speaker and new vans.     

Libby Gross is a Senior at C. Milton Wright High School and the number one thing that she is asking for is Wawa gift cards because gas is so expensive. She also added to her list Messiah swag.  

Maddie Nimmo is a Senior at C. Milton Wright High School and the most important thing that she has been asking for a while is a MacBook so she can use it in college when she goes in fall of 2022. In addition to the MacBook, she asked for new clothes, especially from Under Armour.   

Christmas is just right around the corner, and everyone is wrapping up their Christmas wish list. I hope everyone gets what they put on their wish list this year for Christmas and has a great Christmas with their families.