NFL Games on Thanksgiving and Predictions


Matt Wessel, Staff Writer

Ah, yes. Another year, another Lions loss on Thanksgiving. It is almost as much of a tradition as having turkey and pie. Three NFL games will be played next Thursday, and I can tell you this much, at least one of them will be good. 

At 12:30pm ET, the Lions face off with the Bears. Although both teams have the names of apex predators, I think it is safe to say that their logo is not representative of them. As of now, the Lion are sitting at the bottom of the NFC North with a record of 0-8-1. Last week they pulled off a stunning tie against Mason Rudolph and the Steelers.  

Led by Justin Fields (and occasionally Andy “Primetime” Dalton), the Bears will likely massacre the Lions. Their offensive weapons, compared to Detroit, are plentiful. Allen Robinson and David Montgomery have been taken off the IR. The Bear’s defense isn’t too shabby either.  Khalil Mack and company are probably going to have field day. My guess is that Jared Goff and his band of no-names will likely lose. Let’s just hope they have some fun at least. 

Following that is the Raiders and Cowboys matchup at 4:30pm ET. It is the most dangerous fanbase versus the most arrested franchise in NFL history. Happy Thanksgiving.

This season, Dallas has proven that they are more than mediocre. They are slightly above average. Dak Prescott is throwing well, and Ezekiel Elliot is running significantly better than last season. Las Vegas has an uphill battle. Their past few weeks have been full of controversy, blemishing what looked to be a promising season early on. Losing players and head coach John Gruden has had an effect that was evident against Kansas City last week.

I wouldn’t count them out for this matchup. They may just grit out a win. Vegas tend to play smash-mouth football and this could lead to an interesting game.  

Finally, the last game of the day will be at 8:20pm ET. The Saints will face off with the Bills. Of all the games, this one will be the most entertaining. Personally, I can’t imagine Buffalo not coming out on top. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have been dominant, complemented by one of the league’s best defenses. New Orleans has a chance to fight in this one. Alvin Kamara leads the offense and will be a huge x-factor. If the Bills can contain him, odds are they will win.

Enjoy the food and the one quality football game. (Thanks, Goodell!)


Score Predictions: 

Bears 23 – 10 Lions  

Raiders 17 – 21Cowboys 

Bills 31 – 24 Saints