Itslearning, Its Over!


Mia Dvorak

This year has caused some controversy with the use of itslearning. The global pandemic that shut down all schools made the use of online resources the only way to really access educational activities.  

However, this year with the in-person learning option, not much has changed other than we are on computers in school and not in our beds. We get less worksheets and more online work. Computers should be a resource now, not a delivery system.  There is less teacher-student connection when everything is online. There is less physical evidence to show modeling and ask for help. Being online might have skewed the way students should act with teachers, but perhaps the teachers need to re-learn how to interact with students as well.  

It’s harder to work on the computer, especially in math classes. Constantly giving students work to show on a website like Class Kick is not helpful with taking notes and saving them.  

Staring at a computer screen for endless hours causes strain on the eyes and causes headaches. After school, when we need a break, we still have to stare at screens to complete homework and projects.   

These are just a few of the many apparent reasons why itslearning is overrated and paper copies of classwork and teacher-led lessons should be integrated into the daily plans again.