Meet our new Administrators


Libby Gross

Did you know that C. Milton Wright got new administration this year? Well, if not, now you know! I will be interviewing our two new assistant principals whose names are, Mr. Blankenship, and Mrs. DJ. Mr. Blankenship is the 10th grade assistant principal and Mrs. DJ is the 12th grade assistant principal. My goal is to get to know more of them, and pass it on to you so you don’t feel that you don’t know anything about them. See the interview below to get to know more about Mr. Blankenship.  

Mr. Blankenship: 

Q: Give us a little background about yourself.  

A: I grew up in Harford County and went to North Harford High School. Then I went to  Towson university. Another thing about me is I have 3 daughters. Tenley is 10, Harper is  8, Savannah is 2.  


Q: Where did you work/what did you do before coming to CMW? 

A: I worked at Aberdeen Middle School as an assistant principle for 5 years, and then  before that, I was a social studies teacher at Edgewood Middle School. I’ve been  in HCPS for 14 years.  


Q: Why did you switch to CMW? 

A: Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always wanted to work in a high school to be around kids that were older and to be around the activities/sporting events, so I wanted a different experience.  


Q: Are you happy with your decision to come to CMW? 

A: Yes. Extremely happy. I enjoy the atmosphere. The students have been great as simply to them saying “hi” to me.  


Q: What’s been the best part of CMW? 

A: I think the best part has been working the sporting events, and especially going to the varsity football games because of the energy and the atmosphere. And the student sections and how supportive they are.  


Q: What are you looking forward to the most at CMW? 

A: As the year goes on, I really want to grow as an educator and make sure that I am doing my best every single day. Learning the ins and outs in the school and continuing to work with students to make sure they are academically successful.  


Q: Overall, how has the transition been to a new job? 

A: The transition has been great because of the people that work here. The office staff has really helped me with everything I need to help me understand the school. I also love my administrative team. Mrs. Harris is a great principal and the fellow assistants are also great.  


Other notable things said by Blankenship: 

“My main goal is to help students get to college. I also look at myself as a mentor for someone’s to come and talk to.”