Best Buddies Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year


Tayler Quinn

Starting on September 24, 2021, the Best Buddies club had their first meeting of the school year. All of the Best Buddies’ future meeting will be on the second Wednesday of each month.  

Best buddies is very excited to get back into in-person hang-outs and meetings with their friends and buddies.  

The first meeting of the new school year is so exciting since last year, we were learning virtually. When school was virtual the club had trouble finding member who were interested in participating. The best Buddies advisor, Mrs. Cashen says “we were virtual, and many members were not as involved as in past years.” Best buddies really missed out on activities such as  fundraising and in person meetings which Is majority of what the club thrives on.  

  Due to previous concern for covid putting a stop to club meetings, best buddies plan on following any school covid protocols, social distancing, and having virtual meetings if necessary.  

With school being virtual last year put a big deficit on the club. Best Buddies is one of the most well know clubs across C. Milton Wright as well as other neighboring schools. Best buddies is a country wide clubs with different chapters. C. Milton Wright is considered a high school chapter.