Masks: Is it the right thing to do?

Veronica Ingold

Is C Milton Wright doing the best they can to stop the spread? Well, it depends on who you ask. Our policies include mandatory masks, COVID tracing, and plexiglass on desks. In theory, these are all being mandated.

I talked to multiple CMW teachers about how often they ask students to fix their masks. The average answer was about 35 times a day, apart from one outlier, 0 times a day. A senior teacher here at CMW said, “I don’t really care.” when referring to why they don’t ask students to fix their masks. Is that the standard we want to hold our teachers to?

On average, students say no, 83% of CMW students who took my poll said they do believe masks should be worn in school, while 73% of students said they hope masks will help get us back to normal. With students in theory on the same page, the staff seems not to be.

Harford County’s infection rate is significantly lower than it’s been in the past, with it hovering right around 4.5%. However, we’re still averaging higher numbers than the rest of Maryland, with the state infection rate being 4.2%.

Can HCPS do more? Or is Maryland doing too much? Harford Country Schools can do better. Stricter enforcement of wearing masks and getting teachers on the same page is how we get better. We at CMW are going in the right direction but, we still have more work to do.