Dear Seniors…


Chandler Crouse

Well, you’re about to graduate and spend the rest of your life making choices that will affect you until you end up forgetting about them, or they just weren’t important enough for you to waste all that stress on them. But this article isn’t about how to de-stress or what the future can hold challenge-wise, rather it’s about what you should do and spend your time doing to greatly enjoy your time while you can.  

Personally, I think that your time should be spent with those you love and care for like family or friends. I think that you should try strengthening your bonds with those you love so that you can always rest easy knowing that someone in the world loves and supports you with all of their heart, it’s a rather nice feeling. On the topic of bonds, you should really consider trying to meet your special someone if you think you’re ready to maintain and handle a relationship now, because if you go into a relationship for the sake of being in one then the bond between you two will grow farther and farther until it’s no longer there anymore and you’re stuck at step one. So, please think responsibly when doing these as they are very important and a very delicate subject for someone you may want to give love to, and they may not be ready.  

Remember that drawing you made as a kid of you as an adult and you’re an astronaut or a superhero like policeman or fireman? Well now is the time to decide if that’s going to come true or not, are you going to spend time, dedication, and money on these career paths or are you going to settle for something simple like a store worker or a delivery person? The answer is up to you, so you need to really take a walk in the park or a stroll through the forest and clean your mindset that has been cluttered by others expectations and stress built up from the many harsh years of school. You need to truly let yourself think and be self-aware of where you’re standing and where you need to go to next, to see what path is correct for you and will bring you the most joy.  

College. What a very touchy and expensive subject. A school that you pay for to potentially get a job that requires a degree that you aren’t guaranteed to get, and even when you get the degree, you aren’t guaranteed your dream job. Personally, I tell others to go to college if their dreams require it, but if you can work your way up to the position that you want then I think that you should instead work your way to the top to truly earn the experience firsthand rather than reading it from a textbook or listening to a professors rambles about a subject for endless hours. This is something that you should really speak to a professional about rather than making such bold and brash decisions by yourself which could potentially bring your own downfall.  

The future is scary, yes I know, it’s something that you can’t stop from happening or even delay for a moment and it just keeps coming at you over and over which forces you to adapt to the change and look for a way of survival in such a crazy and predictable world. So understand that it is alright to be overwhelmed sometimes and even a bit lost, but always try your best to help yourself get out of these places or else it’s going to hurt badly when life comes at you and you’re still on a different level of thinking.