Winter Fashion Trends


Abby Hennessey

Growing up and going to a public school, it is very interesting to see the many fashion trends that come and go. People who go here are free to wear what they want when they want, if in dress code. Then many go home after a long day, maybe they have a dinner to go to, maybe they are going on a trip and must pack, or maybe they just want to get in comfy clothes, unwind and get their homework done. Whatever it is you are doing with your day; fashion plays a huge role in it. It may even be a bigger part of your day then you think. Fashion is in everything you do, your hair, clothes, makeup, and even down to the designs of books and book bags you choose to bring to school. Here is some of the trendiest fashion happening right now, inside and outside of school.  

This winter there is a lot of new styles. Some examples, to keep you up to date on fashion are jean jackets, long sleeve shirts with cute graphic tees over top, oversized sweatshirts, belts, joggers, Doc Martens, and a lot of jewelry like rings and hoops. Jean jackets used to be a thing of the past for high schoolers, but they are starting to be seen more and more. As the weather get colder, girls are wearing them to stay fashionable and warm. As for the long sleeve shirts and graphic tees over top, Tik Tok is on the uprising of popularity, we see many girls starting to imitate the look of “E-Girls”. Girls who make Tik Toks tend to fall towards the more Emo side of fashion, with a simple graphic t-shirt and a long sleeve black shirt underneath. 

Some fashion trends that you should be on the lookout for this upcoming spring are all neon color tops, “mom jeans”, pattern statement pants, colored/lighter hair, oversized t-shirts, name brand purses, small tops from Brandy Melville, and fashionable tennis shoes.