Project Graduation


Ashley Bull

A lot of the senior packages by Project Graduation still aren’t sold. The senior package includes the after-prom party, after graduation cruse, mailbox bow, the banner, magnet, drawstring bag, and a lanyard for $200. However, the senior package does not include the senior trip or prom tickets. The packages can be bought on the CMW project graduation 2020 website and picked up at the monthly meetings in the CMW cafeteria the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  Project Graduation is still in need many donations for the afterprom party and other events like gift cards, candy, drinks, and chips.  

By going to the different fundraisers, helping at events, going to the monthly meetings, buying a senior package, being a chair of an event, and making donations parents and students can receive prize tickets to be used at the after-prom party. These tickets are used in raffles for a chance to win many things at the after-prom party.  

All this information and more on can be found on the Project Graduation website,