Winter Fashion 2020


Natalie Hopkins

When the winter season comes around, people change their outfits to fit to the cold weather. Each year new trends pop up in winter. These 2019-2020 trends have been set and are in effect.

Sherpas have been popular this winter season. Whether it be in coats or be in blankets. Sherpas are fuzzy and thick. They keep you warm. You can wear them over cute outfits to adds to the style. They come in all different colors 

Air Force 1’s (AF1’s) has come back into style this winter season. These tennis shoes were in style years ago, but this year they have made a comeback. Nike has come out with different versions and different colors of AF1’s. Everywhere you go, there will be someone wearing these shoes.  

Another new fashion trend this winter is joggersJoggers have always been in trend, but this year more people have been wearing them. They are comfortable like sweatpants, but not as dressed down. Many girls pair jogger’s with AF1’s and a sweater or a sweatshirt. They come in all different colors to make a statement.  

Vests have been a trend this winter. This is another clothing item that is making a comeback. Vests used to be in trend years ago, but now many teens are pairing vests with a dressy shirt underneath and jeans to go with it. They add style but they all help keep you warm.  

Flannels have always been in trend during this season. They are something that always keep constant. Even if it is not a flannel exactly, many stores have created clothing that have flannel patterns.

The last fashion trend are fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks are a life saver in winter. People can wear them with almost every shoe and they always keep your feet warm. Stores have created fuzzy socks with patterns on them and they come in a variety of colors. This one of the top and the most used fashion trend of this season.