Polar Bear Oreo Cookies 


Raegan Cushman



  1.  melt one bag of the white chocolate 
  1. Gently pull apart the Oreos, making sure that the creme stays on one half of the cookie 
  1. Lightly press two yellow M&M’s into the cream, so that half of each M&M sticks out of the cookie, (these will be the ears) 
  1. Place the other half of the Oreo cookie back on top and slowly dip the top half into the melted chocolate 
  1. Lightly shake the cookie to get excess chocolate off and place onto the cookie sheet 
  1. Repeat steps with all remaining cookies 
  1. Place cookies into the fridge for 10 minutes to harden before continuing 
  1. Place the Oreo cookie into the melted chocolate, using a fork, lightly flip the Oreo cookie so that both sides get coated 
  1. Place a non-melted white chocolate wafer onto the lower part of the cookie to make the nose. Then, put a dab of melted white chocolate onto the letter side of a blue M&M and press onto the white chocolate wafer 
  1. Use melted white chocolate to attach two eyes to the cookie, above the nose 
  1. Allow cookies to dry for 30 minutes before enjoying 


It was very easy and fun to make. There wasn’t a lot of ingredients to make these treats.