Holiday Movie Rankings

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Holiday Movie Rankings

Camden Doherty

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Holiday adjacent: 

  1. Die Hard:  An action movie starring Bruce Willis that happens to take place during an office Christmas party.   The movie is filled with just enough comedy, holiday cheer, and plenty of action.  Not a holiday classic to watch with the kids, but a great way to keep the holiday season going with enough explosives and gun fights to make it the best holiday adjacent movie I’ve ever seen.
  2. Home Alone:  A movie that many consider a holiday classic, it’s more of an adjacent movie to me.  Everyone leaves for the holiday accidentally leaving Kevin behind and the movie has enough music and cheer to make it a holiday movie.  However, the main theme of a home invasion is kind of sinister.  The reaction to the robbers is what gives the movie its charm and exciting plot that makes it an exhilarating holiday watch.   
  3. Home Alone 2:  The sequel to the much beloved original, involves Kevin accidentally flying to New York while the rest of the family catches a flight to Florida.  He runs into Harry and Marv fresh out of prison.  With the same amount of holiday cheer as the last one, but lacking the fan and critical acclaim, Kevin fights back more violent than the last and makes some new-found friends along the way.  The movie is a most watch in my opinion, but I’d definitely go with the original if given a choice.    

Family Movies: 

  1. Polar Express:  My go to movie as a child Polar Express is my go-to holiday cheer movie.  It has the right mix of music, action, and mystery.  The movie with Tom Hanks as a train conductor is a movie that fills you with holiday spirit and holiday belief.  Filled with great animation and voice acting it puts a spin on the North Pole and belief in Santa Claus.
  2. The Grinch: The original animated Grinch has only a 26-minute run time, but it is 26 minutes of holiday excellence.  The narration and animation create a film for the ages that is aired on NBC every year as family essential for the Christmas season.  
  3. The Santa Clause:  A more modern version of a Christmas carol.  Starring Tim Allen, the movie is a great take on Christmas spirit.  A divorced business crazy dad becomes Santa Clause after the old ones dies on his roof.  The movie is charming and shows a great father son relationship that grows throughout the movie.  


  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:  Another movie with the great comedic actor Tim Allen this time a little more PG-13.  Not exactly a movie to watch with little kids, Christmas Vacation has so many laugh out loud moments mixed with a lot of dark humor. The movie is also, filled with great family stereotypes that everyone watching can relate too.  This movie has something for everyone watching.  
  2. Elf:  More of a family comedy, but with Will Ferrell there are playing the elf there are many jokes that go right over kids’ heads.   From the legendary snowball fight scene, to the romance playing out in every scene.  The movie is filled with a great balance of plot, comedy, and touching moments for every person watching.  
  3. Office Christmas Party:  This is not a movie to watch with the family or really anybody.  A very rated R perspective on Christmas comedy, featuring multiple members from the SNL skit class.  The very has dark humor and just plain humor everywhere.  The movie is filled draw dropping moments and just plain gross moments.  A perfect mindless comedy for adults and teens when the kids are asleep.