Project Graduation


Ashley Bull

One of the different fundraisers that Project Graduation is doing to try to raise more money for the seniors is Amazon Smile, where if you use it, a percentage of your sales from Amazon go to Project Graduation. Shutterfly is offering a similar service, where if you use the Project Graduation promotional code, a percent of the profit will go back to the seniors.  

The senior package is still for sale for $200 that includes a banner, bow, t-shirt, magnet, bag, lanyard, after prom party ticket, and the Spirit Cruise for after graduation. Some seniors still haven’t bought their package yet, but need to do this now! You can buy the package and look at the upcoming events on the project graduation website.  

Another fundraiser coming up is the Bingo on January 10th, where anyone can buy a seat, or even a whole table, from seniors, and then come for a chance to win a whole bunch of prizes. In March, Project Graduation will also have the annual fashion show, and a pancake breakfast at Applebee’s. In April, there is going to be another clothing drive.  

 On Thursday, December 12th, at the Main Street Tower from 6:30 to 8:30 there is paint night. Anyone can come out and paint wine glasses with any designs to help raise money for the seniors. There are more fundraisers like this coming up, so make sure to keep looking for fun things to do to help raise more money on the website