Students Helping Students


Elizabeth Wesdock

The peer counseling program at C. Milton Wright is finally up and running. Peer helpers have always helped in giving tours to new students, helping them find their classes, and introducing them to teachers. Now, peer helpers are trained to be peer counselors and help other students work through difficult situations. 

These peer counselors have recently gone through two training sessions to learn the best ways to help their peers. The first training occurred in April 2019, and the second one occurred in October 2019. The peer counselors visited freshman homerooms on October 16 and 17 to inform the students about the peer counseling program. There are forms in all freshman homerooms that students can fill out if they wish to meet with a peer counselor at any point in the year.  

Peer counselors are 11th and 12th grade students who are good listeners, respectful, and well-trained. They will keep everything confidential unless there are threats or instances of harm to self or others. Peer counselors are a good resource for students who want to talk to someone who could relate or understand what they are going through.  

Some reasons a student might wish to see a peer counselor include conflicts with friends, academics, or social media. Students can find peer counseling request forms in the counseling office or in their freshman homeroom and when they are completed, they can be given to the secretaries in the counseling office. Students will then meet with their peer counselor who will listen, assess the problem, brainstorm ideas, and determine a plan of action. They can refer students to other places that could help such as a school counselor, a principal, or clubs and sports.