Harford County Public Schools Hammering Down on Attendance


Aya Ayad

It appears as though the attendance policies at CMW have gotten much stricter than in previous years.  In order to clarify the policy and get a sense of the purpose for these regulations, Assistant Principal, Mr. Wasielewski was consulted.

Q:  What made the schools decide to go harder on students about attendance this year? 

A:  “The State of MD has new and stricter rules on attendance to push students to be more successful, help them prepare for life out of high school (ex. Jobs, college classes, etc.) 


Q:  Does lateness apply to the overall attendance rule as well? 

A:  “Yes, being consistently late to class could result in you losing credit or failing a class.” 


Q:  Do you know how the students feel about this? 

A:  “It doesn’t impact most students; students are good at showing up on time and do a good job at showing up. We know and understand it’s hard for high school students, and they are probably annoyed of the constant reminders. We try to make it easier by rotating classes and switching up the schedule so that students aren’t constantly missing the same class. 


 Q:  How many excused absences are students allowed to have? 

A:  “The state does not take excused or unexcused into consideration, 20 latenesses are considered chronic.” 


Q:  Do you know which school in Harford County has the worst/lowest attendance rate? 

A:  “No, we are focused on our students at CMW. Some big concerns are that students will continue their cycle of being late and missing days.” 


It seems that considerable thought was put into the process of improving and fortifying the previous attendance policy.  According to the Assistant Principal, its main purpose is to better prepare students for future expectations.