Paint Your Spot Event


Ashley Bull

On Sunday October 6th, seniors participated in a “paint your spot” activity in the CMW parking lot.  The cost was $10 to decorate and $1 for 4 pieces of chalk if a student didn’t provide their own supplies.   

Project Graduation is always trying to find new fundraisers to help raise money for the senior class. The money collected throughout the year goes toward the After-Prom party and the Senior Cruise after graduation.  This year, as a fundraiser, Project Graduation organized a “paint your spot” day.   

Seniors decorated their parking spots with chalk for a small fee. Seniors were going to be able to draw on their assigned spots.  They were encouraged to paint something to express themselves 

It wasn’t the huge turnout that had been hoped for, but it’s the first year for this event.  Hopefully, it will return next year with higher attendance.